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| Uncategorized | December 4, 2016

Don’t forget to put in your mare returns if you have not done so already. This year is the first year that breeders need to complete the foal declaration also.

Mare returns will not be processed unless and until the declaration is made and the declaration pops up after payment has been requested.

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| Uncategorized | September 22, 2016

With the breeding season now well underway I have news today of my Mare Drivetime (Scenic (IRE) X Spring Melody) delivering a healthy leggy colt by Nicconi.

In the meantime here are some photos of the young yearling girls snoozing just before their brekky!

No photos yet but go to our Facebook page to lots of photos of the new seasons foals including the new foal of star mare Black Caviar.

Don’t forget that we offer a cheap and convenient alternative to all the costs and time involved in taking your youngsters to the sales to try to sell your youngsters at the sales.


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| Uncategorized | November 10, 2015

Long post, but please read if you are breeding. Daiquiri had a foal during the night Tuesday unattended. (unplanned pregnancy – naughty stallion). We found her around 5AM Wednesday. She was running around acting seemingly normal. When we picked her up, watery diarrhea gushed out. When I went back to check on her, she was continuing to have diarrhea, almost constant hiccups, sneezing and coughing. Had yet to see her nurse. Tried to get her nurse, but she wouldn’t. I milked the mare and tried to force feed. She didn’t want to swallow. Kept force feeding every hour. Gave her Bio-sponge and kaopectate. She continued to get weaker and didn’t want to nurse. Her mom was kinda ignoring her. She collapsed Tuesday afternoon and was shaking and having the hiccups. Karo syrup got her back up. Seemed much better. Wednesday she was more active in the morning but couldn’t nurse and watery diarrhea continued. She collapsed again that afternoon and was almost unresponsive. Once again Karo syrup got her back. Called the equine vet. If the baby made it through the night, she would come this morning. I thought we would have to euthanize her. She said that she may be a partial dummy foal. I had been so focused on the diarrhea and respiratory signs that I hadn’t really considered that. After I got off the phone, I remembered a post by Julie Good (I think) about the Madigan Foal Squeeze technique for dummy foals. Found the post. We got a rope, took the laptop into the stall, and did it. When the rope was removed, she got up from her trance, stretched, and went over to her mother (who had stood totally still for the 20 minute procedure. As soon as the baby got up, the mother went back to eating her hay just like Dr. Madigan said she would do) to get a drink. No hiccups, sneezing, or coughing since. It was truly a miracle. I’ve never seen anything like it. Spoke to the vet this morning and she said she didn’t even think to mention the technique. So this cat veterinarian saved the day. We are not out of the woods yet. We can’t be sure she got the colostrum. I milked the mare and force fed numerous times during the critical period, but I am not sure how much she actually swallowed. So please save this link, maybe even put it with your foaling supplies so you don’t forget about it like I and my equine veterinarian did. I will do this now with any foal that is not nursing within the first few hours. It will do no harm. Big thanks to Yvette Mooney and Michael Mooney-Wells who are always willing to help and support my crazy ideas.

The link has 3 videos and a pdf file.

You may know the term “dummy foal” but have you heard of a Madigan Foal Squeeze? Dr. John Madigan theorized that by artificially recreating the foal being squeezed through the birth canal, the foal starts suckling as normal and the ‘dummy foal’ syndrome appears to disappear. (Be sure to watch the video links below. Know the signs and learn the step by step foal squeeze procedure.)


-> (article) Thoroughbred Village forum/reprint of article originally posted in TheHorse.com


-> (video) KNOW THE SIGNS. Neurological foal receiving the squeeze technique. Jump to 2:30 to see application of the foal squeeze.


– (video) STEP BY STEP GUIDE. Dr. John Madigan shows how to apply the foal squeeze

Introducing Timeless I’m No Dummy

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Getting up close with the new youngster

| Uncategorized | September 9, 2015

Here we are talking to our lovely Pluck filly for the first time. Isn’t she brave and friendly for a 4 day old foal?

This should mean that she will be easy to work with when she comes home.



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| Uncategorized | September 9, 2015

Here she is! A lovely tall leggy filly by Pluck (USA) out of Drivetime (Scenic (ire))

She is an inquisitive and a quite confident young foal and very friendly. She’s now 7 days old. She’s 4 days old in these photos.

We are looking forward to her coming home and I am looking forward to working with her and getting to know her better.







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| Uncategorized | September 2, 2015

My Next Winner is pleased to announce the safe arrival of a filly foal at 4.00 am this morning. She is by Pluck (USA) out of Drivetime and was born at Holbrook Thoroughbreds Gundy.

Photos and maybe a video will be posted on Sunday evening


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| Uncategorized | August 30, 2015

Bart was probably the best trainer of stayers that Australia has ever had and was one of the few people to keep the staying dream alive in a country obsessed with breeding sprinters except at Melbourne Cup time.

The trainer of 12 Melbourne Cup winners is testimony to his ability to train stayers.

Many will also remember his very dry ands wicked wit and his fondness for steak and eggs.

A true legend.




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| Uncategorized | August 1, 2015

Happy birthday to all horses especially youngsters!

Hope you all get lots of carrots!

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| Uncategorized | June 29, 2015

How young is too young to break in your youngster? Many youngsters are broken in as yearlings even though the growth plates in their knees may not have closed over yet.

Do you have your youngsters’ knees x-rayed before breaking them in? How many early 2 year olds are burnt out before they are 3 year olds?

Some youngsters that race early are still only yearlings



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| Uncategorized | April 14, 2015

All your weanlings should have bee branded by now and the next thing to do is DNA testing.

If you haven’t received your DNA kit from the Stud Book yet and you need to get it then go the Australian Stud Book site and look in contacts and send them an email.

If you do that the Stud Book will send the kits out to you in the following week.




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