Don’t let your youngsters get lost in the crowd! (About us)



  • Tired of spending hundreds of dollars per horse to go to major sales?
  • Tired of major auction houses moving your youngster from a select section to a general section without even consulting you? The first you know about it is when the catalogue comes out.
  • Ever increasing costs of transport, employing staff for sales days and accommodation for you and your staff.
  • Can you afford the time away from your farm?
  • Specialist site for weanlings and yearlings only – your youngsters won’t get lost amongst bloodmares, racehorses or other stock
  • A forum for small breeders who often get pushed around by the major auction house that you are not happy with. You may enter your horse in a particular section for a sale only to find that the auction house has moved your horse to lower section without even consulting you! The first time you find out that horse has been moved to a less favourable section of the sale is when the catalogue is publishes yet the auction house  will want to charge you an entry fee!
  • Why waste days of your time at the sales particularly if your horse has been placed in an unfavourable section of a sale without your consent or without consulting you first.
  • Valuation service based on pedigree page only and sight unseen. Additional fee at valuer’s cost for actual inspection of your weanling or yearling
  • Market and sell with us – One annual fee and you can advertise as many youngsters as you like. Provided that you have a current membership you can add or subtract as many youngsters as you like during your period of membership.
  • If you only have one or two ads you can also pay a single fee each time.
  • Your youngsters stay on until the later of 1 August or their actual second birthday provided that you have a current membership
  • Flexible memberships mean that you can change the period of your membership at the time of renewal


About Marina Dulhunty  DSCF0143(1)   melbourne 038 melbourne 028

Marina Dulhunty is a small breeder who has been breeding thoroughbreds commercially for 15 years. Marina has predominantly sold in the weanling market and her stock has gone to New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Prior to that she was a successful show rider at Sydney and Melbourne Royals, polocrosse player and pony club rider. She had also been involved in breeding Arabians and had ridden for Saracen Arabians.

As a small breeder she has experienced the difficulties encountered by small breeders in trying to breed commercially and keep costs in check at the same time.

She has also experienced firsthand being pushed around by the major auction houses when selling her youngsters. Have you even had the experience of entering a horse in one section of a sale on to have them moved to a less favourable section without you even being consulted?

Are you finding it harder and harder to have your stock accepted by the major auction houses?

What happens if your youngsters are passed in at a sale?

Where do you go to sell them?

We offer a specialist place to showcase your youngster. Our site is only for weanlings and yearlings.