The very disturbing news this week is that Anglo American is about to re-submit another proposal to extend the South Drayton Mine thus renewing the threat to Coolmore and Darley studs in particular.

Whilst the Environmental Assessment and Planning Act 1979 does not allow appeals there does not appear to be anything to stop Anglo American from submitting a new application especially if there are changes and revisions to the application that was rejected. Even if the Act provided that the same application could not be resubmitted, this would not prevent a changed or revised application from being submitted. The changes and revisions to the old application would make it a new application.

Whilst Anglo American complain that 500 jobs will be lost, many thousands of jobs will be lost in the Thoroughbred breeding industry and the wine growing industry if the mine is allowed to be extended. The life of the extended mine is only 20 years as opposed to an infinite lifetime of breeding thoroughbreds and growing grapes.

Once the mine is extinguished there will be another ugly unusable hole in the ground where there was once prime agricultural land and the jobs will ultimately be lost anyway.

What’s being done to find clean renewable energy sources that can create jobs and leave agricultural land alone?

A look at the Planning and Assessment Commission website indicates that the application has not been made yet but Anglo American has clearly announced its intention to lodge a new application.

So get your petitions ready and start planning your rallies to protest against this ongoing threat. Christmas may have to be put on the back burner this year so that our stud farms and livelihoods are preserved.


Is this how we want our Thoroughbred studs to look in the future?


open cut mine



By Marina Dulhunty

I am a Small breeder of Thoroughbred horses for commercial sale and to race. I Started this site to provide a selling and marketing alternative for breeders with weanlings and yearlings to sell. Small breeders in particular can find it hard and expensive to leave their properties to go to the major sales. This site provides us with an online alternative to the major sales. The site can also be used to advertise youngsters being sold at the major sales and, if any youngsters are passed in, the site is an ongoing marketing platform to continue to market yearlings and weanlings after the sales are over. Trainers can also use the site to advertise shares in yearlings that they have bought at the sales.

December 4, 2014 5:00 am