WATCH OUT! The hot weather and the recent heavy rain has brought the ticks out again.

Wouldn’t be surprised if the snakes are starting to stir as well! Check your youngsters and others at least every few days. Unfortunately you need to check everywhere as ticks like to hide in crevices such as the folds of elbows, chest and high up in the insides of the hind legs. Manes and tails are popular places too as is inside the ears.

If you are having problems with ticks try giving your youngsters Apple Cider Vinegar in their feed either plain or the one with garlic (i alternate them). Also try a 30ml/mg scoop of sulphur powder. Externally spray with barricade S (but use with extreme care – where a chemical suit and vapour mask).


By Marina Dulhunty

I am a Small breeder of Thoroughbred horses for commercial sale and to race. I Started this site to provide a selling and marketing alternative for breeders with weanlings and yearlings to sell. Small breeders in particular can find it hard and expensive to leave their properties to go to the major sales. This site provides us with an online alternative to the major sales. The site can also be used to advertise youngsters being sold at the major sales and, if any youngsters are passed in, the site is an ongoing marketing platform to continue to market yearlings and weanlings after the sales are over. Trainers can also use the site to advertise shares in yearlings that they have bought at the sales.

October 20, 2018 4:19 am