When to wean a foal?

I usually wean about 5 to 6 months but in the wild this often does not occur until a few months later. It can also be driven by factors such as the foal’s condition and the mare’s condition. If weanlings are to be sold it can also be driven by sale dates but now, with this site, you have another option for selling your youngsters which is sutied to their timetable rather than to the auction houses’ timetables.

I have one mare who looks like a coat hanger after a few months no matter how much she’s fed and the only way to get her condition back is to wean the foal, especially if she’s in foal again.

I have another mare who will not let her foal eat with her. She will let it suckle but not eat a meal with her so her foal get their own meals from very early on and are quite easy to wean as a result.

It can be very a very traumatic time for a foal but if you can get your mares to foal reasonably close together then the foals will have each other to bond with. As I have quite a small proporty I have found it best to send the mares away completely for about one month then bring them home.




By Marina Dulhunty

I am a Small breeder of Thoroughbred horses for commercial sale and to race. I Started this site to provide a selling and marketing alternative for breeders with weanlings and yearlings to sell. Small breeders in particular can find it hard and expensive to leave their properties to go to the major sales. This site provides us with an online alternative to the major sales. The site can also be used to advertise youngsters being sold at the major sales and, if any youngsters are passed in, the site is an ongoing marketing platform to continue to market yearlings and weanlings after the sales are over. Trainers can also use the site to advertise shares in yearlings that they have bought at the sales.

October 3, 2014 12:16 am